Our goal is to present an overview of the history of the Caney, Oklahoma community to better preserve the traditions and heritage of all Caney's residents, both past and present.

A Bridge To The Past

Nestled in the hills of northeast Oklahoma is a place held sacred to the hearts of many people--Caney Cemetery. Ringed about by guardian hills, Caney is the earthly resting place for many more than 400 people. It has an important place in history as well as in memory. For nearly two centuries, people have been laid to rest at Caney. One of the earliest graves is of a woman who was born before the American Revolutionary War and who later survived the Trail of Tears. Soldiers who fought in the War Between the States rest here, as well as soldiers in subsequent wars, including Viet Nam.

Many years ago, a log cabin housed a school at Caney. Church services were held in this building on Sundays and if a funeral occurred during the week, school was dismissed for the service. Many years later, through the efforts of Levi Latty, Ben Whitfield and Dan Tyner, the current rock building was erected. On the side of the chapel is a plaque engraved with the names of these three men.

Caney is not just a little country cemetery. It is a beautiful, dignified final resting place for people who once lived among us; people such as we are. Each headstone at Caney represents a life and a story. Each one is deserving of respect. Caney takes pride in its uniqueness: its name, its setting, its natural beauty, and the lives represented by the many graves. We must not try to change it to resemble other cemeteries. We should celebrate it for what it is. Caney needs no revision nor apology. This website is dedicated as a tribute to Caney and to the lives of the people who lie beneath the sod of one of the prettiest areas of Cherokee County, Oklahoma.

Published on  17.12.2011